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Performance Pathways 

The Club has a range of squads to cater for the development and transition of swimmers from junior levels through to high performance. A formal squad structure exists which provides swimmers with a pathway for progression at their own individual rate. 


The placement of swimmers into squads depends on a number of factors such as age and maturity, technical ability, skill level, training history, previous performances, attendance record and attitude.


Progression through the Development Pathway

Swimmers are assessed by the Head Coach all year round to monitor progress and also determine the readiness of swimmers to move into a higher training squad.

Prior to a swimmer officially moving into a higher training squad, they may participate in a trial period to determine whether the squad is a good fit for them. The Head Coach and / or Squad Coach will discuss this with the individual swimmer and their parent/s.

Taking all of the factors and considerations outlined above, the Head Coach and Squad Coach will retain absolute discretion over the placement of swimmers into training squads.

Training Time

Squad Description

4:00pm Squids 1

Beginners who are yet to be strong/confident enough to swim 50m laps


Squids 2

Younger swimmers who can swim 50m but are still developing skills in 3 strokes, but don't yet have the skills/stamina to complete 18-20 laps in a training session



Swimmers who are refining skills in 4 strokes



Swimmers who are building stamina/skill in all 4 strokes



Swimmers who are building speed/stamina in all 4 strokes



Senior swimmers refining stokes/building speed

As swimmers develop speed in competition they may have finishing times which allow them to progress through the Swimming WA Performance Pathway.

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