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For Parents 

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Parents. Guardians. Anyone that helps get the kids in the water we thank you. You play the most important role and helping your children thriving in this sport swimming. This page has been created with the intent to support you the best we can. Life isn't always easy and we know it can be overwhelming sometimes when our kids are starting a new sport and anxieties are kicking in and they express they cant when we know in our heart they can. 

Overtime this page will provide stories from other parents and what they have done to encourage their little ones to keep going, it will provide little hints, tips and tricks that worked for them.


If you are struggling as a parent please know you are not alone and please come and talk to someone from the club. Our club is in the process of developing a support role for all members and parents, please come and talk to the children's coach or Club president Jo Stephens. We want to support you and help your children do their very best. 

Member Welfare: Kerrie Cook

Member Protection Officer: Leanne Hunt

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