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Back on Deck - First Day of Training November 2019

It was so exciting to see the kids get back into the pool. We had kids as young as five years old to swimming laps and members also as young as forty four years old swimming laps. Swimming is a sport that anyone of any age and fitness level can do. If you are just starting out don't be discourage if you are finding it really challenging, swimming is a difficult sport to grasp at first but with perseverance and practice it will get easier. Plus the start of the season is always the most challenging. The water is cold. Seriously who loves swimming in freezing cold water? I must admit I don't really enjoy it. Our kids are so tuff aren't they.

Encouragement from Coach Chadd

The first training session for the season is usually the hardest to get through. The water is a bit cooler and our guys generally haven’t been doing specific swimming training in the off season. Although a lot of the kids are involved in other sports during winter swimming uses a number of different muscles to what they have been using in those other sports. It will get easier as the season progresses! See you all Wednesday night.


Raffle Ticket

We have also kick started some fundraising....You would have seen and even be given some tickets to sell on our first training day. If you haven't received yours please contact us via email at and you will get yours next training session.

They come in packs of ten, are $1.00 each and the prizes are pretty awesome. The first prizes is....... a Body Shop Advent Calendar and the second prize is perfect for all you wine-o's out there. Second prize is 6..... SIX........SIIIIIIIIXXXXX bottles of red wine. This second prize can only be won and collected by an adult.

Tickets are due back to the club on the 29th November. (Just in time to start to use that beautiful advent calendar.) So please bring them sol to training on that date of before then. It will be greatly appreciated.

SO peeps, get selling, buying. If either of these prizes don't take your fancy just think they would make a good Christmas gift, if you buy a few tickets and then win think of how much money you will be saving on presents. Its a win win situation. ;)

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