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Swimming Nutrition

Nutrition and Recipes for Swimmers

Below is some great nutritional advice and nutritionally balanced recipes for all ages. Of course, tweak the recipes to suit your family requirements.

10 Step guide to proper nutrition for swimmers

Michael Klims muesli

· Can be easily changed to porridge by cooking the oats first.

· Or soak oats in milk overnight to make them easier to digest.

Lunchbox Anzac Biscuits

· Great snack on race days aswell

Grilled chicken with pumpkin and tomato salad

· For fussy children consider serving the chicken with chopped vegetables and rice or pasta

Banana Mango Smoothie

· Add yogurt for more protein

· Use almond milk or any other alternative for dairy free

Libby Tricketts Lasagne

· Add vegetables! Grated zucchini & carrot are easy with kids.

· Or serve with a garden salad

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